The next Pokemon GO event tipped X2 [Promo Codes Update]

As the Pokemon GO Rock Event winds down, the next event begins to brew. Information on the next event in Pokemon GO has been tipped to us as a companion for the Gym overhaul. This fabled overhaul of the Pokemon Gym system is just about upon us, and with it will come an event that's quite similar to the one we're in the middle of right this minute.

At the end of last year, Pokemon GO jammed a couple of events into a two-week period. In addition to bonuses and prize boxes in the Pokemon GO store in the game, users were able to find a very special Pikachu in the game. That was the Santa Hat Pikachu. Another similar Pikachu appeared on the 1-year anniversary of the launch of the game, this time with a Party Hat.

The first event in the game was the Halloween Event. It was a bit more secret than those that came after it, appearing first as an announcement in Niantic's Pokemon GO Facebook page. Due in a large part to the success of that event, events since then have had bonuses and in-game changes that've been very similar.

The change in rarity of spawns of Pokemon Types will continue through to future events. As will not-so-subtle draws toward the in-game store. Discounts on products will appear whenever Niantic can tie the discount in with the event at hand.

In the very near future, the next sponsorship deal with a major US-based company will deliver Promo Codes. According to our anonymous source with information on the subject, it's likely that the system will be prepared for the next big sponsorship deal, and might event launch alongside the next Niantic Real World Event.

The Pokemon GO in-game Pokemon Gym overhaul, this same source suggests, will likely be launched near the latter end of next week. If final prep goes better than planned, it could come as soon as this Thursday. It's more likely Niantic will wait for next week.

This Gym update won't necessarily launch the same way as one of Niantic's normal Pokemon GO events. At the same time, though, Niantic, could launch another event in advance of the overhaul. Given the pattern of Pokemon Type events that've come over the past year, a Fighting Type Pokemon event seems right on the money.

Once the Gym update hits, we're crossing our fingers that Niantic makes Revives more common – but no promises. If the Pokemon GO Gym system becomes popular enough that people play there as much as they go out and catch Pokemon in the wild, it'd only make sense to insert Revives into the Pokemon GO store.

Right now they've got Pokeballs on sale for their Adventure Week. It would not feel out of place to start selling Revives in the store soon, then to discount Revives when the Gym update hits. For as much cycling in and out of Pokemon for Gym battles as possible.