The Multifunction GPS Bluetooth Rearview Mirror does it all

I, like so many others, own a GPS unit and have had the joy of cussing up a storm when that stupid suction cup pops off. Once it pops off I can't ever get it back unless I pull over and shove it back on. This rear-view mirror combo takes care of that issue.

Not only that it holds the GPS at a height that I believe would be easier to casually glance at. The Multifunction GPS Bluetooth Rearview mirror actually has several features. Including a touch screen, five different games, a SD card slot, video players and a rechargeable battery.

Unfortunately it is being sold by a Chinese company, so it is very unlikely it will have a warranty to go with it. Hopefully something similar will be released in the US as well as those across the pond in the UK.

[via redferret]