The Mr. Fancy-Pants watch

Need a new watch? Unless you're Bill Gates I suggest you keep looking. Those little shiny things are not exactly Swarvoski Crystals, they are in fact diamonds.

There are so many that they decided to make the face of the watch smaller, because they felt the needed to put a few more. You would think if you paid that much money for a watch they would make it so you can actually see the friggin face of the watch.

I know you are extremely curious how many diamonds there are, the tally is 1,851 diamonds, 764 are full cut white diamonds and 1,087 are full cut black diamonds. In case you were wondering how many carats that is, it's about 9.25. I seriously doubt I will ever see that many diamonds over the course of my entire life, much less have them all on my wrist at the same time. The point when you really know you're in trouble is when the manufacturing site won't list the price. You have to actually talk to them first; this is also a bad sign in other such places like jewelry stores.

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