The Mool Hood Toaster-the alien toaster

This is the kind of toaster that leaves you awestruck just because it's so pretty. It could burn everything and it would still look cool. Even better it heats up your toast completely different from all the other crazy toasters we have posted. Bet you'd like to know what makes it so nifty wouldn't you.

Ok so it's not completely different, but it is different. Instead of feeding the toast through or popping it out like most toasters do it sits on a tray and the tray feeds through. Then the laser beams shoot down and plant alien eggs on the toast, that's probably not true either. Hey it could be true you never know, those red things do look like laser beams.

The toaster was created by the Turkish designer Atil Kizilbayir. No word on price or if it will be hitting the general public anytime in the future, but hey we can dream.

Mool Hood Toaster is new toaster [via geekologie]