The Limited Edition Love Tub

Valentine's Day is coming up, some are excited about it, others loath it. However, like it or not, you can still drool over the lavish Valentine's Day inspired gifts. This hot tub may not sparkle like the much sought after jewelry, but it would definitely keep you warm through the end of winter and all the way through spring as well.

I actually enjoy Valentine's Day, however, the commercials that come with this grand holiday are just so sappy I could puke. I know, I am female so I should be swept off my feet by them, but I tend to get a little green in the face. This limited-edition Love Tub is a state-of-the-art Amore Bay hot tub from Dimension One Spas. They are only offering 100 of the bright red hot tubs, so if you have the dough to pony up for it you'll have to snag one quick. Then mail it to me of course.

As with all D1 spas the gray exterior is made out of recycled plastic milk jugs and also features a black etched design along the side. The jets are also enhanced with with black accents. The tub designed by Vic Walker is also available through the Sweetheart of a Love Tub contest, you can enter online until February 29th of this year. Just swing by the product site to drop in an entry. Otherwise, you'll have to come up with $20,000 for the Love Tub.

[via born rich]