The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past ported to Wii U

There was a time when Nintendo made the most popular game consoles on the market. Back in the 80's the Nintendo was the console to have on one of the most popular games on the old school console was The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo has done a decent job of bringing those popular old school games back to the Wii U as downloadable titles.

Nintendo has announced that it is now offering The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the Nintendo Wii U. The game has the old school graphics that you will remember from the original game, assuming you played this game back in the day.

Players of the game will travel through the Light and Dark worlds packed with heroes and magic. The premise of the game is that an evil magician named Agahnim kidnaps young maidens in Hyrule in an attempt to break the imprisoning seal on Ganon, and Link is called on to stop him.

Link has to fight through eight dungeons as he fights enemies and bosses. The game is available via the Nintendo eShop for $7.99. The Wii U hasn't been doing well on the gaming market of late selling less units all year in 2013 than Sony and Microsoft sold of the PS4 and Xbox One in only a few months.

SOURCE: Nintendo