Nintendo Wii U continues to be unable to compete with Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Nintendo seems to want to ride the Wii U train until the wheels come off. The company keeps on trying to get gamers to purchase the game console, but few people are buying. When the new PS4 and Xbox One hit the market, things looked even worse for the Wii U.

As people fought to get hands on the PS4 and Xbox One, stocks of the Wii U languished on shelves around the world. Nintendo tried to look at the bright side after it nearly doubled its sales of the Wii U during 2013 going from 3.06 million units sold to 5.86 million units sold.

Looking at that number closer shows that in all of 2013 Nintendo sold only 2.8 million Wii U consoles. That sales rate is abysmal compared to the Xbox One selling 3 million units in only a couple months and the PS4 selling 4.2 million in a couple months. The PS4 sold more units out of the gate than Nintendo has of Wii U consoles since launch.

Nintendo has done well with its portable machines with the 3DS selling 12.9 million units in 2013 bringing it to 42.74 million units sold since launch. Nintendo saw its net income decline by 29.9% year over year to $98.7 million in2013. In software units, Nintendo moved 17.68 million software titles for the Wii U and 152.29 million software units for the 3DS last year.

SOURCE: Engadget