The latest Xbox Series X controller is here and it's very, very yellow

Microsoft loves its Xbox Wireless Controller variants, and today it released one that's quite the stunner in terms of color. The latest Xbox Wireless Controller is arriving in a new color called Electric Volt, and as you can clearly see in the images accompanying this article, it's very, very yellow. If that's right up your alley, then get ready to pay a premium for this new controller, as it costs a bit more than a standard Xbox Wireless Controller does.

That price hike doesn't come as much of a surprise, since we often see Microsoft charge more for certain colors and models. This Electric Volt controller is one of the first variants for the new Xbox Wireless Controller that launched alongside the Xbox Series X – while there isn't a whole lot that's changed about the controller itself in the transition between the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X, these new controllers do have a redesigned D-pad that and can connect via USB-C.

The Electric Volt controller was revealed earlier this year, and it has the distinction of being the first Xbox controller to use yellow resin. It's true that we don't often see controllers come in yellow, which makes this release all the more special for those who like such a bright color scheme.

The Electric Volt controller was revealed alongside a new Daystrike Camo color scheme as well. While the Electric Volt controller is launching today, we still have a week to wait before the Daystrike Camo controller is released, as that won't be launching until May 4th.

While the standard Black and White Xbox Wireless Controllers run $59.99 each, there's a bit of a premium associated with the Electric Volt controller. This one will set you back $64.99, so you're paying $5 more for the yellow color than you would for a standard gamepad. If that $5 upcharge isn't enough to talk you out of picking up one of these controllers, you can find the Electric Volt controller today at Microsoft's store and various retailers.