The Knomo Slim Laptop Case for the professional ladies

With fall quickly approaching new laptop cases are popping up like daisies, especially for women. Knomo has a line specifically designed for the MacBook Pro, don't worry it does fit others as well.

Although this style of bag isn't really my thing I realize that some people do actually enjoy the classic professional look. However, my problem with this paticular style is that they have room for your laptop and nothing else. Which means in most cases you are carrying both the bag and your purse. Which to me seems silly and a bit of overkill.

The line will also fit most 14" and some 15" laptops. The line is handcrafted from full hide leather and nylon twill quilting. It also has a retractable leather carry handle.  One really cool feature is a knomo ID tracker system for if you ever loose your bag. They are retailing for about $112 and come in black, red, tan and cinder.

Knomo's New Slim Line of Laptop Bags [via chipchick]