The KnocKey from E-Lock

Not satisfied with the current security devices out there for your home? The KnocKey is a bit of a new spin on electronic locks for your home. It's a bit comical the way it works, but once you think about it, it could be quite effective.

Apparently this has been out for a while, but I hadn't seen it yet, so maybe you haven't either. The KnocKey eliminates any need for a keyhole, which means no one can pick your lock. My brother would be highly disappointed, he picks his own locks. I have no idea why, I think he just likes knowing that he can.

The KnocKey is a "little" keypad that you can punch in your code on and hold it up to your door. It will begin rapping out the code and if it is correct your door will unlock. Just don't forget that code. The remotes are all the same, so you don't have to buy some fancy expansion pack; just buy one more and program it. If you are super paranoid you can even program different codes for different doors.

E-Lock KnocKey [via nerd approved]