The Juice Bag keeps your gadgets charged

Even the beach isn't safe from our numerous gadgets. Although we may want to relax and lay out in the sun all day, for some reason a lot of us insist upon keeping our cellphone with us. Which of course completely contradicts the whole thing. This Juice Bag will help keep your gadgets charged even when you're nowhere near an outlet.

The Juice Bag can even charge your iPod or your camera. Just hook the cord up that you would normally use in your car to charge up your gadgets. Of course I don't see a lot of guys carrying this around, so this is pretty much a girls only kind of thing.

The solar panel is removable so you can charge your gadgets without the tote bag. I wouldn't tell your significant other though, he might start stealing it to go fishing or something equally manly. The bag is priced at $249.99.

The Solar beach Tote Keeps Your Gadgets Going All Day Long [via Chip Chick]