The Izumi INC-7000, to make picking your nose a little more high tech

Can't quite pick your nose as well as you'd like? Now there is the Izumi INC-7000 Nose Washer to do it for you. Instead of accidentally blowing liquid out of your nose, you can purposely blow liquid up your nose.

My Dad has this horrible saying that he whips out every chance he gets, "You can pick your friends, your can pick your nose but you can't pick your friend's nose". Although I am a little apprehensive about telling my Dad he's wrong, with this puppy on your side maybe now you can pick your friend's nose too. Why not? This lovely little thing sprays saline water up your nose, which is similar to that home remedy you use when you have a sore throat. You can adjust the temperature and water pressure to make it more comfortable for you. Somehow I don't think I could ever be comfortable with that, no matter what the water pressure.

To use you just fill one compartment up with water and the other with your everyday table salt. To purchase this bad boy you'll have to fork out about $60. A small price to pay I suppose to create the ultimate lougy.

Izumi INC-7000 Nose Washer from Japan [via Gizmodiva]