The itzbeen Baby Care Timer

The itzbeen Baby Care Timer is just another way to simplify your crazy life after your baby is born. I know that some people are going to give this thing a really bad review, saying things like this is only for over obsessive mothers. However, there are some of us who by nature are flakes. I know, shocking, once you are caring for a child you don't just magically become responsible.

When kids get sick they get stuck on medication which is great, because they like to give you the stuff that is like every 2 hours and then another one for like 3 times a day, it's difficult to keep track of everything. The baby care timer has a solution for that among other pressing things our brain sometimes forgets. It even has something that tells you which side you nursed on last, which would be great when you are disoriented from lack of sleep. It has several other timers to help you remember all the little things, although some of them seem a bit unnecessary.

One great thing would be to program this and then when you do have to leave the baby with a babysitter or your spouse. You can leave it with them to help them while you're gone. The baby timer is priced at $29.99.

Organize all of your baby's schedules at once with the itzbeen Baby Care Timer [via babygadget]