The Interview download includes Android hacker attack

Several weeks ago Sony Pictures was hacked by a group that claimed to have done so that The Interview would not be released. Once it was clear that the film WAS still going to be released as normal, they issued further threat that anyone who saw the film would be in danger of physical attack. Most recently there's been a hack embedded within a torrent – that's an illegal download, in this case, and it's hitting Android users in South Korea specifically.

A team at McAfee has joined forces with the Technische Universität Darmstadt and the Centre for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED) to identify a threat that's been most active in South Korea over the past week. It's not immediately clear whether or not this security threat is South Korea-centric, but it's popped up most often there so far.

This threat goes by the name Android/Badaccents – you'll likely see this name in the torrent as well. This threat somehow or another tapped in to several South Korean banks through mobile devices to steal personal information and blank-out bank cards.

Avoiding this download should be fairly straightforward as it appears as an Android app for your smartphone. We're not 100% certain there aren't other trojan-based hacks out in the wild attached to The Interview, this app reported by Graham Cluley is Android-centric. Cluley also provided the images of the app above.

Just to be safe – it'd better to avoid downloads of The Interview altogether, of course. Regulation sticks only when you're buying from a certified source. Keep that in mind!