The Hitachi HP-CN11 Swarvoski crystal earbuds

Abby McVay - Jun 24, 2008

Apparently I’m on a shiny kick this morning, because I’ve managed to write up two different very shiny gadgets so far. This set of earbuds is looking overly girly already in the pretty pink and even has a Swarvoski crystal thrown in.

Sadly this is a Hitachi Japan product, they seem to get all of the cute little accessories that seem to never make it to the US. The earbuds feature an elliptical over shaped port which is great for comfort as well as sound insulation.

The Hitachi HP-CN11 comes in ten different colors and won’t be for sale in Japan until July 25th of this year. They will be sold for 2500 Yen, or $25.

[via newlaunches]

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