The HiLo high chair from Age Design

High chairs are one of those obnoxious necessary things that are good for about a year and a half. Soon after that kids need a booster seat or a phone book to sit at the table depending on your price range. The new HiLo high chair is one of best designed high chairs because it can adapt to your child's needs.

Designers are starting to get smart with convertible cribs that turn into beds for toddlers and then a headboard for a twin bed. It's about time they started re-thinking the high chair as well. The high chair flips over and becomes a seat that can scoot up to the table with the rest of the family. It is created to last from 6 mos. to 6 years. The overall design is chic enough to fit into any kitchen.

It isn't released for retail yet, but it soon will be. Once it is it will be priced right around $425. Hopefully the design will catch on and a couple more reasonably priced designs will be released as well.

HiLo Chair from Age Design [via babygadget]