The Happy Hour Lamps

Abby McVay - Nov 23, 2007

Brightly colored lamps that don’t completely look like the should be in an 8 year olds room can be hard to come by sometimes. This Happy Hour Lamp is great for any age, that is of course if you can handle the pretty yellows, oranges, blues and greens.

Whenever I have the joy of sharing housing with someone I have to tone down my style. I would be perfectly happy in a room that looks like a fortune teller and a geek’s fashion sense got smooshed together in some strange combination. Somehow, I think this lamp would fit in perfectly with that mixture.

The lamps not only light up, but they glow in the dark as well. They are dipped in a lacquer to keep them from bursting into flames. The lamp comes in seven different color combinations and is priced at $85.

Cocktail Umbrellas Lighting [via likecool]

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