The Grand Budapest Hotel clip 2 hits Apple Trailers with Bill Murray in tow

A new Wes Anderson film is coming to theaters soon, one called The Grand Budapest Hotel. This film will be starring more fine actors than you can shake a stick at, as evidenced by the first trailer for the film, followed recently by the first full-length clip. Today "clip 2" appears only through the Apple Trailers portal, a place where you'll need some of the company's own Quicktime software to view it.

This film is set to center around Gustave H, as played by Ralph Fiennes, as he acts as concierge at a famous European hotel as it exists between World War I and World War II. Also appearing at the head of this film is Zero Moustafa, played by Tony Revolori, who plays the lobby boy. You'll find the first trailer for the film following this paragraph.

The first clip (of two) features the lobby boy (Zero) being interviewed by Gustave H. You'll find Wes Anderson's squared-up and perfect stylings to be fully intact, with the scene itself being as flat and hard as it could be without actually being animated with flat tones. This clip should also give you a basic idea of what the full film should feel like in the theater when you go in and see it.

Finally there's the clip called "Clip 2". This clip was released today and also goes by the name "The Escape." Here you're seeing Bill Murray as M. Ivan of the Excelsior Palace speaking with the boys. He'll be helping them move foward on a secret mission that will take place part way through the film. To access this clip, you'll have to head over to the official Apple Trailers Grand Budapest Hotel site until they decide to open it up to YouTube for the non-Quicktime users amongst us.

As a bit of a bonus, Fox Searchlight has pointed the world toward Akedemie Zubrowka, a place where users are able to seek out and experience the hisstory of the Republic of Zubrowka – that's where the Grand Budapest Hotel is located. This portal brings "never-before-seen content from the film, video easter eggs and character profiles" to the public eye. The Grand Budapest Hotel will be released to theaters on the 7th of March, 2014.