The Glowing Video Tape USB Hub makes you look cheap

Abby McVay - Jul 17, 2008

If your day is kicking off slow and you could use something to perk you up, this horrible mod is definitely worth a laugh. Someone actually made a hub out of a VHS tape. To make things even more comical, they made it glow. Yes, that’s right they added LED lights to this very ugly mod.

Actually I don’t know if the modder meant that part to be funny, but it is either way. I still can’t believe they added LED lights. I am all for recycling gadgets, I just prefer the finished product to actually look nice.

You can check out this 11 step mod for the Glowing Video Tape USB Hub on Instructables. The fact that they managed to get a full 11 steps out of this shows definite dedication to their tacky tendencies.

[via bbgadgets]

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