The Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker

For those that lose their children as much as they lose their keys now there is a similar solution. There have been beepers to add to your keys for those times when they seem to wander off all on their own. Why not just attach one of those beepers to your pesky offspring? This Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker is exactly that, a key tracker created for children.

Now when you happen to lose your child there is this cute little remote that you can press that will emit a beep of 85 decibels. Ironically 85 decibels is the exact number where prolonged exposure can cause hearing loss. Don't worry though, it doesn't actually cause pain until 140 decibels. Just try not to lose your child on a regular basis or it could damage their hearing.

To use you of course keep the remote on you and clip the little noise maker to your child. The set costs $25.64.

Another way to bug your kids [via crave]