The Ghostbusters are about to make a comeback

I will always be a huge Ghostbusters fan, its one of those classics that ranks up there with Ninja Turtles. Which is basically the holy grail of my childhood. There has been rumor after rumor about Ghostbusters in Hell and now a sequal of a different breed has been confirmed. Ghostbusters is about to be released in video game form.

Just glancing at some of the graphics I almost thought they were just pictures straight from the movie. Upon closer observation I was surprised to notice these were not bits from the movie, they were frome the game. The greatest part is all four Ghostbusters have said they will be doing the voices for the game.

Vivendi Games will be working on this little project, the script itself is straight from the mind of Dan Ackroyd. The game takes place about 1991, over all it seems they have stayed true to the Ghostbuster movies that we all know and love. It may however, be about next year before you can actually snag this one off the shelf.

Who you gonna call? [via gamerfront]