The Galaxy S7 recall that didn't exist

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is not subject to a recall at this moment, but a bunch of device users think it is. The Galaxy Note 7 is subject to recall, completely and thoroughly, regardless of the device's color or carrier or country or operation. Unfortunate for Samsung is the fact that this is the first year in which both the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series shared the same number, for continuity's sake. Because of that, one has been mistaken for the other in a big way.

The Galaxy S7 has been mistaken for the recalled Galaxy Note 7 on such a large scale that Samsung has begun to send "you are not in danger" notifications to users. This message reads as follows: "The Galaxy S7 is not subject to recall. You may continue to user your device normally." The version of this message shown above was first posted by TechnoBuffalo

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This same message also includes a personal identification number to provide the user with a sense of authenticity. Galaxy S7 users are being sent the number above the message "Your Galaxy S7 is not an affected device." To be clear, this means ALL Galaxy S7 units, not just the one the message is being sent to.

This message shows a significant gap between information available to the public and the public's willingness to utilize that information. To a slightly lesser degree, it's also a testament to how confusing it is having two devices on the market with nearly the same name and very different specs.

Above is an image which shows the Galaxy Note 7 and the Galaxy S7 next to one another. The Galaxy Note 7 has an image grafted onto it which indicates that it is the one being recalled. The Galaxy S7 has an Alfred E. Neuman on it indicated that the owner of this phone should not worry.

When Samsung eventually brings the Galaxy Note line back, S Pen and everything, it probably will not be branded "Note." It shouldn't be, anyway. Samsung will be feeling pressure to gain customer confidence back by distancing themselves from the Note name, a name now toxic.

Samsung will very likely be incentivizing future phones with safety measures that go above and beyond the normal call of duty. For now, they're incentivizing users staying with their brand by giving them a hundred bucks to buy a different Samsung phone.