The Force Awakens rated PG-13, oh and here are Star Wars Build-a-Bears

Build-a-bears have appeared with Star Wars bodies on the same day the Motion Picture Association of America has released its rating for The Force Awakens. Coincidence? Well, yes. They really have not a lot to do with one another, other than the oddity that is the PG-13 rating for the film and the much younger intended audience for the bears. But we'll be participating in both, one way or another. We're going to get that stuffed BB-8. Just you wait.

According to, the most recent release of film ratings from the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc., Star Wars The Force Awakens is rated PG-13 "for sci-fi action violence." That's the best kind of violence!

And we know there's a bit of blood. A few TIE-fighter pilots might be annihilated. We'll have to cross our fingers for more.

Also this week on the other side of the age spectrum – sort of – is the public TV-based sharing of the Star Wars The Force Awakens Build-A-Bear collection. We've been told (and we've subsequently seen) this set of bears (and other creatures) in Build-A-Bear shops already this week.

If you want to get in on this set of stuffed-in-person creatures, you're going to want to grab one this week. They're not going to last especially long, if past "limited" releases from this store are any indication.