The Force Awakens Japanese Star Wars trailer reveals new details

This week the second full Star Wars trailer was revealed – in Japan. It would appear that either Japan is simply getting their trailers first (very possible) or JJ Abrams is messing with the lot of us. Either way, here's what you're about to see: more lines from the film, more scenes that you've never seen before, and a really chilling revelation. Like a rudimentary, sparking, red, and evil lightsaber to the neck of your best buddy, heatedly, terrifyingly.

This trailer also has a new bit of music to go with it. If this is anything like the last trailer, this music was NOT done by John Williams (the master), but by someone with a deep knowledge of what Williams would do. The music would therefor be made just for the trailer, not for the film necessarily.

If this trailer amps you up, you may also want to have a peek at the extended chronological trailer we've made recently. NOTE: This video has not yet integrated the clips from the official trailer above. We're working on it!

Star Wars The Force Awakens is set to be released on the 18th of December, 2015. That's just a few short weeks from now! The film will have midnight showings on the 17th (one minute after the end of the day) and several locations are having mega-marathons with the entire Star Wars saga – all six movies before this one – leading up to showtime.