The floral SanDisk Cruzer Patter USB Drive

Not everyone has 15 different flash drives just lying on their desk at any given moment. Just waiting to be swooped up and actually used for something. In some parts of the world, people only have a couple or even less.

I know, shocking, it's just so wrong. That'd make a great speech for tech addicted teens though, it will probably be about as effective as the similar one given to get you to finish your vegetables. Well if you do feel the need to buy different flash drives to suit your mood of the day, this cute little drive from SanDisk would be great for those that prefer their drives to be stylish.

The SanDisk Cruzer Patter USB Drive isn't just some designer item being sold for outrageous amounts either. It is being sold at Circuit City for $11.99 for a 2GB drive.

[via chipchick]