The First String Electric Guitar Lamp

Abby McVay - Jan 9, 2008

This is definitely one of the more cheesy bits of lighting to have lying about in your living room. However, I’m sure some poor sap sees this as the coolest lamp of all time. Although I have an high appreciation for music, and create some of my own from time to time, I can’t see myself turning into enough of a fanatic to find this lamp even remotely appealing.

The guitar offers soft lighting using a 15-watt bulb, illuminating the staff and notes of the “Hymne a L’Amour” printed on frosted glass. The lamp is operated by a simple on/off switch, and features an antiqued metal pedestal.

To snag yourself this fine piece of design it will only cost you a whopping $50, and here I thought I’d see it priced at half that at the local thrift shop.

Electric Guitar Lamp
[via retro to go]

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