The first new iPad of the year tipped for March

The first new iPad of the year is expected to be revealed in March of 2021. It's been suggested that the first new iPad will be a 2021 iPad Pro refresh, and that it'll be released right alongside the long-awaited wireless tracking accessory Apple AirTags. The iPad Pro 2021 will likely look a whole lot like the otherwise most-recent iPad release, giving it flat edges and a rounded-corner square for a camera housing.

Via Jon Prosser and NoteBookCheck come a few details about the most likely series of devices that MIGHT appear at a March 2021 event. As it's been in the past, March would make a decent time for Apple to hold an event with a device or two. It's high time for a new iPad, and a new iPad Pro 2021 would seem right on the money.

As we looked at back in November, a 2021 iPad Pro will likely be worth the wait. A far brighter display, the most advanced camera setup on any iPad, and a new processor should be reason enough. But with the latest set of rumors comes re-confirmation that the iPad Pro 2021 will almost certainly come with 5G connectivity. If you're already rolling with mmWave on your iPhone, going just a BIT slower on your iPad might seem like a bigger jump than it's ever been before.

If you're looking for a laptop replacement, it would still seem that iPad Pro isn't it. A new iPad Pro in 2021 could open the door to accessories and software changes that close the gap between the functionality of the iPad and a notebook, but we shall see.

If LIDAR is given a bigger place in everyday user's lives, the new iPad Pro might be worth the cash. With the newest processor from Apple and a LIDAR setup on the back, 3D scanning for 3D printing could become a reality for the masses. But again – that depends on what happens between now and this release.