The First iPhone 6 Sold In Perth Was Dropped On Concrete

Prepare to cringe, Apple fans: the first iPhone 6 sold in Perth, Australia has made an unfortunate entrance into the world. During an interview on live television, the buyer was opening the box to show off the phone, only for a case of butter fingers to send it flying.

Being an early adopter has never been so painful, it would seem. Jack Cooksey was interviewed after being the first buyer to nab Apple's new smartphone in Perth, and he hadn't yet taken it out of the box. Perhaps it was excitement, or an overly tight box, but things ended badly.

The iPhone 6 fell out of the box and hit the concrete ground, where it undoubtedly suffered at least a scratch or two. The owner is heard saying "It's all good," so hopefully it didn't end up too hurt, though he is seen picking at the display as if it were cracked.

Let that be a lesson about patience and taking things slow and whatnot. Not familiar with the iPhone 6 and its larger brother, the iPhone 6 Plus? Check out our full SlashGear review of both smartphones for all the details.