The Firewinder Outdoor Light runs off the wind

There are quite a few solar powered items out now, especially when it comes to outdoor lighting. Well now you can stand out from your neighbors and have this wind powered one.

Although I'm not actually sure how bright it will end up being, so there really is no way to tell if this is just something that glows or if it will illuminate your late night fun. It has 14 LEDs that are located on the edges of the light, making for a cool effect as it spins in the wind.

The only issue is, it is either poorly designed or the person that wrote the description for the gadget on the vendor's site isn't very bright. It doesn't actually mention if it has a rechargeable battery, so according to the site it would just come on when it's windy out. Which is kind of crap when you factor in that it's being sold for $200.

[via ohgizmo]