The Firestix LED drumsticks

Abby McVay - Jun 9, 2008

If your plain boring wood Rock Band drumsticks just aren’t cool enough for you, you might check out these shiny little LED drumsticks. Although glowing drumsticks aren’t for everyone, I am definitely comfortable enough with my geeky tendencies that I’d be happy to play with a set of these.

However, it would help if I could even play the Rock Band drum set. My hand/eye/feet coordination is completely shot. Actually, just my hand/eye coordination really bites too, I just happen to skate by well enough on the guitar on Rock Band to cover it up at least a little.

The drumsticks from Firestix will start lighting up when you begin banging away at your plastic drums. They are made out of a durable Lexan so that they won’t snap in two when you get overly excited playing a bit of Metallica. Amazon is currently selling them for $25 a pair in both blue and red.

[via technabob]

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