The Egg that helps your baby sleep

Are you worried about the temp in your wee one's room? Then purchase the Grobaq Egg, it tells you the temp and when it is too hot or cool in your babies room.

I don't have any kids yet, but I know where in my house they would be when I do choose to have them. That area the temp is always questionable; the windows are older so I have worried before. Ideally I will have replaced the old ones by the time I do have kids, but life doesn't always work that way. Not only that, but I always think it's freezing in my house even when it's not; so having a device to tell me I'm being ridiculous is always nice.

I love that the Egg also shines yellow when the room is at the recommended temp, because lets face it if the babies too hot or cold it isn't going to sleep very well. This also means you don't sleep very well. The Egg features an LED screen to let you know the exact temperature and glows in four different colors. The lights shine blue for too cold, the red for too warm, orange for warm, and yellow for the recommended temperature. These Eggs aren't exactly cheap priced at $37.

Grobag Egg tells if the baby's room is too cold! [via gizmodiva]