The Dual Hose Programmable Timer

Need to use your hose a lot, but don't really have time to deal with it? Watering systems are becoming very complicated and this system just adds a little to a simple one. The Dual Hose Programmable Timer could make things a little easier when you are working on your yard.

The timer just attaches to your regular outdoor faucet and actually splits the stream of water. It allows you to have two hoses going at once. The great part is the timer, you can program it to turn on and off whenever you want. You can program it for up to seven days in advance. Which really isn't necessary for the average Joe but if you have a large garden/yard it might be nice.

It would also be nice for people owning very small farms so that they don't forget to turn off the faucet when filling up a trough. Trust me, that isn't pretty. Unfortunately it is a little pricey at $129.95. However, it might be worth it for all the water you save.

Dual Hose Programmable Timer [via coolest-gadgets]