The DOOM Slayer is about to invade Fall Guys

Crossovers between Fall Guys and other games have been a fairly common sight ever since Fall Guys arrived on the scene earlier this year. Today, Fall Guys social media began teasing an all new crossover, and this is a big one. It seems that it won't be much longer before the DOOM Slayer joins Fall Guys' lineup of celebrity skins, so if you're a fan of DOOM, you might want to start saving up some crowns now.

The tease was posted to the Fall Guys Twitter account earlier today. While the tease is nothing more than a partially obscured silhouette, it's still fairly clear that this is a DOOM Slayer skin. If you need even more evidence that this is a DOOM Slayer skin, the official DOOM Twitter has essentially confirmed that it is as well.

Neither the Fall Guys nor the DOOM social media teams have confirmed more details, but we can make an educated guess at how much the skin will cost. Historically, these crossover skins have cost 10 crowns total – 5 crowns for the top of half of the skin and 5 crowns for the bottom half. The DOOM Slayer skin will almost certainly cost the same amount of crowns when it eventually arrives.

As for when that will be, we'll have to wait on Fall Guys dev Mediatonic to announce more information. The tweet from the official Fall Guys account only says that the skin is coming soon, so here's hoping that we'll know more about the skin later this week.

It's been a pretty big week for DOOM Eternal. Not only is this new skin on the way, but Bethesda and id Software finally confirmed a release date for the Switch version of DOOM Eternal. The game will also be joining the Xbox Game Pass lineup tomorrow, so all of a sudden, it feels like DOOM is everywhere again. We'll let you know when more about this skin is revealed, so stay tuned.