DOOM Eternal finally has a Nintendo Switch release date

DOOM Eternal launched for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC way back in March, and this entire time, Switch owners have been waiting to hear news of when the game would be landing on their console of choice. After a long wait, we're finally closing in on the big day, as Bethesda has officially confirmed when DOOM Eternal will be launching on Nintendo Switch.

Release is actually right around the corner, as Bethesda today revealed a December 8th release date for the Switch version of DOOM Eternal. When the Switch version arrives, it'll support Motion Aiming, which is a feature that we've seen in a number of shooters and action games on the Switch.

Alongside today's announcement, Bethesda also published a trailer that shows off DOOM Eternal running on Nintendo Switch. Unsurprisingly, it's clear the game had to take a pretty significant graphics hit to get up and running on the Switch, but those who bought the Switch version of DOOM (2016) were already expecting this as that game was in the same boat.

Still, the fact that a game as good looking as DOOM Eternal is able to run on the Switch at all is pretty impressive. It's worth pointing out that the Switch version of DOOM Eternal will only be available through the Switch eShop as a digital download, so don't go hunting for a physical copy when the game releases next week.

In addition to this incoming Switch release, Bethesda and id Software also plan to release next-gen versions of DOOM Eternal on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. We don't know when those next-gen versions are coming, but we do know that they'll be offered as free upgrades for everyone who already owns them on PS4 and Xbox One.