The DMT-100: Speakers or a pod for shiny green monsters?

This is definitely not the gift to buy your friendly neighborhood hippie who thinks the government is watching them. These speakers are enough to make even the sanest person paranoid.

Alright, so they might not be from outer space, but they sure do look like it. These are actually a new spin on the classic sound system from Proclaim Audio. The stand allows for easy adjustment, so you can turn them to face different areas in the room. The sphere design they believe is the best shape since it creates the smoothest frequency.

However, you might have to save up a while since they cost $26,000. Then again when you buy a $5,000 sound system for your living room, you can justify it because you could have spent $26,000. At least you can attempt that defense to your wife; let me know how that goes.

Proclaim Audio speakers stare you down [via Sci Fi Tech]