The Digital Door Viewer replaces peepholes

Abby McVay - Jun 23, 2008

For those that can’t just peak out the front door to find out who is out there without getting caught, this little gadget might come in handy.  It can spy who is outside by kicking on through a motion sensor and from somewhere else in your home you can find out if it’s someone you actually want to see.

This would be great for those who live in a town that get lots of door to door salesman or random people trying to convert you to a different religion.  It would be even better to avoid any unwanted relatives as well.

Each unit comes with an SD memory card slot and is capable of storing up to 11 hours on the 4GB SD card, so you will also know who stopped by while you were gone.  It also advertises that it would be helpful for home security, it will cost you about $195.

[via ubergizmo]

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