The Defendius Door Chain Maze

For those that feel the need to make even the smallest tasks into a bit of a challenge this door chain is just the thing for you. For the rest of us, at least we can stare at it in utter disbelief that such a thing could ever exist.

One of these would be perfect if you have something to hide. While you're unhooking the chain, you can have your buddy hide the evidence. Then when your disgruntled visitors finally get in, merely point to the lock and they'll immediately understand. They'll stare at your door chain in pure shock and forget all about their nagging suspicions.

The door chain, Defendius was created by Art Lebedev. Who I am now fascinated by, I can almost understand owning one but to have created it brings you to either a whole new level of genius or an entirely different type of crazy.

[via techblog]