The Dead Rise: Macintosh SE/30 Brought Back To Life

Hackers delight. Using a Seagate Dockstar, some USB 2.0 ports, 128MB of RAM, and a small Linux server running a 1.2GHz ARM processor, YouTube user Spritetm has brought a Mac SE/30 back to wonderful, wonderful life. It runs a Mac emulator and works as a server. The floppy drive also works, reading SD cards mounted on floppy-shaped protoboard enclosures instead of the original 3.5" discs.

Furthermore, he's restored the case cosmetically by bathing it in magical chemicals to return it to its sassy original color scheme (instead of the inevitable yellow like all the rest in the world.) An excellent piece of work by a really cool dude. Keep on creating!

[Via Cult of Mac]