The Daily Slash: October 5th 2010

Evan Selleck - Oct 5, 2010
The Daily Slash: October 5th 2010

Welcome to the Tuesday edition of The Daily Slash. Today was a pretty steady day for news, especially towards the end of the night. With CTIA kicking off, Motorola came out of the gate swinging, offering up full announcements for plenty of devices. But, in our story from around the Web, it looks like NVIDIA is starting to sell their own branded GPUs. And then, as usual, we’ll wrap up what’s been going on around the R3 Media Network.

From Around the Web

NVIDIA GPUs Start Popping up in Best Buy Stores: While NVIDIA may have grown accustomed to selling their graphics cards through other retailers, as well as support from ad-in-board partners to support the graphics cards, it looks like the company is ready to change that. However, while they’ve obviously begun to work with Best Buy to sell their own branded GPUs, it looks like the national electronics retailer may have jumped the gun and set the devices on store shelves before the official announcement. It looks like NVIDIA has turned to Foxconn to manufacture the GeForce GPUs. And, if you do happen to purchase one, or more, you’ll get a three year warranty for your troubles. [via Engadget]

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