Revo-Round Secures Funding to Create Round Computer

Evan Selleck - Oct 5, 2010
Revo-Round Secures Funding to Create Round Computer

Revo-Round is a start-up company that has a great idea. They want to create a round computer, featuring a round display, and a round body. The keyboard, and every other button you’d need, would be put onto the body of the computer, just as you’d expect to see on any other laptop available in the market now. The company, headed by Professor Zhou Hongan, just received $69 million in funds from a Silicon Valley investor to make the round computer a real thing. But, interestingly enough, this new style of computer actually serves a purpose: reverse evolution.

Based on a study released by the Medical Facility of the University of Shanghai, the computer is based on the design that will help reverse evolution, and make sure that Asian facial features stay the way they are. According to the research, it’s believed that China’s population will evolve the same facial features as Westerners, and all of this could happen within three generations. The results of this research are based off 150,000 Chinese babies, which were studied over the period of 20 years. According to Profressor Zhou, the facial features are changing due to the frequent, and ever-increasing use of computer screens.

Revo-Round consists of Professor Zhou, two computer science students, and a pair of opthalmologists. As for the Silicon Investor, that is led by Dutchman Roeland Reinders, and their bid for the company resulted in a 25 percent stake in Revo-Round. There is also a consortium of Chinese investors that hold an additional 15 percent. As for the computer itself, there are no specifications available yet, just the concept render you see above. However, Revo-Round says they will show off the round computer by the end of 2010.

[via TechCrunch]

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