Glif iPhone 4 tripod adapter & stand has huge public appeal

Chris Davies - Oct 5, 2010
Glif iPhone 4 tripod adapter & stand has huge public appeal

Let nobody tell you there isn’t a market for new iPhone 4 accessories.  Thomas Gerhardt and Dan Provost had an idea for an adapter, Glif, that would allow photographers to mount the Apple smartphone onto a regular tripod, as well as prop it up at multiple angles for enjoying video, and they turned to Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds to start production.  The result?  Over three times the necessary money pledged since it went live just a few days ago.

In fact, Glif needed $10,000 to get production started, and anyone donating $20 or above would also receive one of the mounts.  Now they’re up to almost $34,000 – and still with 28 days left to run – thanks to over 1,300 backers.

You can see the appeal: Glif works not only to hold the iPhone 4 in portrait or landscape orientation, but the notch in the side can prop it up at various angles.  That’s great for watching video, but also for using the Apple smartphone with a Bluetooth keyboard.  Finally it covers the antenna gap on the lower left-hand side, which means fewer dropped calls.  You can still pledge $20 and get one yourself when production starts.

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