The Daily Slash: March 31st 2010

Today's one of those days, where it almost feels like nothing happened until that big thing happened. What do you think, is today going to be one of those days where you look back, and ask your friends a few years down the road: "Where were you when the iPad got reviewed?" Well, the day's over, and here we are at another edition of the Daily Slash. First up, we've got Apple sending out reminders to the hungry masses where, and when, they can pick up their Apple tablet on Saturday. And then we've got Sony tagging along with Dell, hoping that people will start liking their eReader. As for the next generation of the iPhone, it looks like Apple may have figured out that whole multitasking thing. And finally, we've got two stories about Japanese ingenuity: a skateboard and a keyboard the proof.Apple Reminds You About That Thing You Ordered: We're going to go out on a limb here, and say that if you pre-ordered the iPad, you probably didn't forget about it. Sure, it may be the next best thing from the Cupertino-based company, but we also imagine it may have something to do with that chunk of change it pulled from our bank account. You don't forget about things like that. Right? In any case, Apple took it upon themselves to send out customary emails, informing those who reserved their iPad at an Apple Store, that their iPad would be there, ready and waiting. You just have to get their between 9am and 3pm. No rush! But we're sure there will be plenty of waiting. [via TUAW]Buy a Particular Dell Computer, Get a Free Sony Reader: We understand that most companies out there, at least the ones with an eReader under their belt of manufactured gadgets, are shaking in the knees right now. After all, Apple's got something better, that does the same thing. So, we can't say that we're at all surprised that Sony would tag along with Dell for a deal like this. For example, pick up a Dell Mini 10 (1012) for around $379, and you'll get an eReader Pocket Edition (which, for the record, is about $160 in savings). It's a good deal, especially if you're in the market for a new computer, and a new eReader. Or, you could probably just get them all in one. [via I4U]iPhone OS 4.0 Could Use Expose-like Multitasking: Or, it couldn't. There's no real, official confirmation of this, obviously, and right now we're just going off the word of those "in the know." But, from what we're hearing, it sounds like Apple has figured out a way to make their Expose feature work on the iPhone. Now, it may work great on screens that range in the 13-inches and above region, but we're curious as to how this will work well on something between 3.5- and 3.7-inches. Apple, apparently, is assuming that just working with the applications icons will work just as well as full screen images. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. [via Boy Genius Report]A Japanese Skateboard That Drives You: Ever wish your skateboard could just guide you around? After all, using all that energy to push yourself along can get real old, real fast. Luckily for you, Japanese scientists have figured out a way to make a skateboard that can propel itself forward. All you have to do, is lean forward. And, if you want to slow down — that's right, you guessed it. Just lean back. Easy enough. It can reach up to speeds of six miles per hour, too, and that's nothing to scoff at. [via DVICE]Super-Large Drum-Kit Keyboard Makes Our Head Hurt: Ever tried writing in traditional Japanese? There's a lot to learn, and it's definitely not for the faint of heart. Thankfully though, the Japanese have created an entire drum-kit keyboard, where six panels are completely covered in keys, from traditional keyboards, and marked with the Japanese calligraphy. There's also a main board, with another keyboard, and a pair of dual footpedals. There's no doubt that this is ridiculous, and we're not sure if this would actually make it any easier for someone to learn how to write in Japanese, but, it's cool to look at, at least. [via CrunchGear]