The Daily Slash: June 30th 2010

Evan Selleck - Jun 30, 2010, 11:05pm CDT
The Daily Slash: June 30th 2010

It’s officially the last day of the month. In fact, while many of you are reading this, you might actually be putting your toes into the first day of July. If that’s the case, then try and save some of the excitement for the rest of us, all right? Welcome to tonight’s edition of The Daily Slash. First up, in The Best of R3 Media, it looks like Motorola’s late on the schedule of updates, Microsoft’s got bad news for Kin adopters, and LG announced a new phone. And then in the Dredge ‘Net, Amazon’s getting ready for you to preview Kindle books in another way, and if you’re running Windows 7 Starter Edition, it’s time to upgrade.

The Best of R3 Media

Android 2.1 Update for Cliq and Cliq XT Delayed: When it comes to Android and Motorola, they do really well right out of the gate. Their phones, at least at launch, are something to be enticed about. However, as the months tick along, and Google’s busy releasing new updates for their mobile Operating System, Motorola has been remarkably hit-or-miss on the subject. And, truth be told, more miss than hit. After missing several announced dates for updating the Motorola Droid, the Cliq and Cliq XT were eagerly awaiting their update to Android 2.1 by the second quarter of 2010. Well, they missed that date, and on the last day they possibly could toss up a warning, they did. Telling customers the update’s still coming, but they don’t know when. So, if you’re holding your breath, might want to stop. Be good for your health. [via Android Community]

The Microsoft KIN is Dead: After being in the market for only 48 days, Microsoft has made the official decision to go ahead and kill off the KIN lineage. That means the Kin One and Kin Two are, from this point on, dead. Even if Verizon doesn’t want to admit it to themselves, or maybe customers, word came down from the higher-ups that the Redmond-based company is focusing on Windows Phone 7, and therefore they don’t have time for something like the KIN. So, bad news for those out there who purchased it, but good news for future Windows Phone 7 owners, hopefully. [via SlashGear]

LG Sentio Finally Released: It had been broke from cover a few months ago, and now the LG Sentio is finally official. So official in fact, that T-Mobile is actually selling it right now. So, if you’re in the market for a mid-range touchscreen device, featuring a 3-inch display, and social networking features to make sure that you get caught up with all your friends all the time, then go ahead and get ready to drop $69.99 on a new, two-year contract, and after a $50 mail-in rebate. Or you could just but it out-right for $179.99. Your call. [via PhoneMag]

The Dredge ‘Net

Kindle Turns to HTML 5: Right now, Amazon’s Kindle application for Apple’s iOS is far more useful and feature-packed than the actual Kindle itself, but we won’t worry about that right now. And, they’ve just released the Kindle for Android application, too. But what about the PC? Well, if you want to grab a preview of a book you’re interested in, you’ll be abel to do that without opening another application. You just need to swear your allegiance to HTML 5, and you’ll be able to read a chapter or two before you decide to buy anything. Good plan, Amazon. [via Ubergizmo]

Windows Any Time Upgrade Ends Saturday: All good things must come to an end. And in classic Microsoft tradition, their period of offering cheaper upgrades to their current generation Operating Systems is coming to an end yet again. If you currently find yourself on Windows 7 Starter Edition, and you were hoping to nab an upgrade to Home Premium for only $50, then you need to act now. Or if you’re on Home Premium and want to jump up to Professional for $79.99, then your time is runnig out. Micrsoft is pulling the plug on the cheap updates this Saturday, so you’ll be expected to pay the full price — $79.99 and $89.99 respectively. Anyone going to jump on this before time runs out? [via Engadget]

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