The Daily Slash: June 29th 2010

Welcome to tonight's edition of The Daily Slash. By now, you've probably finished your dinner, and you're sitting back to get a recap of some of the other stories that have made the rounds over the Interwebs. Well, that's exactly why we're here. So, sit back and enjoy. To start us off, we have the Best of R3 Media. We've got the first images of the Samsung Fascinate, along with Hulu Plus getting announced, and to wrap it up we've got some more Verizon iPhone rumors for you. And then in the Dredge 'Net, it looks like Google's back in China, and there's a real flying car.The Best of R3 MediaSamsung Fascinate Breaks Cover: When the Samsung Fascinate was announced, amidst a deluge of Samsung Galaxy S device announcements, there was one thing curiously missing: pictures. That was pretty shocking, especially considering it was announced for Verizon. But, sure enough, tonight at Samsung's Galaxy S conference, the Fascinate managed to wrangle up some hands-on time. And, truth be told, it was worth the wait. Some might even say that it looks better than the original. But, then again, you'll have to go through the link to take a look for yourself, and judge it based on the image. [via Android Community]Hulu Plus is Real. Really, Really Real: After so many rumors that it was getting ridiculous, we can finally say that the real thing is finally here. And, it's actually worth it — if you really like TV. The Hulu Plus package includes a "Season Ticket," which means you'll be able to watch all of the episodes of a particular season as you want. No ending early. As for hardware, it's hitting Sony's HDTVs, Blu-ray Players, Vizio's same hardware, and it's coming to the Sony PlayStation 3 some time in 2010. As for the Xbox 360, that's not hitting the console until 2011. So, while it's official, it's not exactly on everything, quite yet. [via SlashGear]iPhone Coming to Verizon in January: So, the iPhone is coming to Verizon in January. At least, that's what some sources have said speaking to Bloomberg. No, they don't have any details. And no, there's no confirmation from Verizon or Apple about the subject. Right now, it's just the biggest rumor in our lives. But, as long as these sources keep saying it, and if it eventually ever happens, they'll be right, right? [via PhoneMag]The Dredge 'NetGoogle's in China Again: Google apparently decided that getting kicked out of China entirely wasn't the best option. So, while they already had some ideas, they've just decided that adding a link to the Google link routed to Hong Kong was a better plan altogether. As for hosting data on some China-based servers, you'll find Maps, music, and translation. And, if they are going to be hosted on those servers, they cannot be censored. Unfortunately, the changes that Google has made don't mean that it's going to keep its license. China is busy figuring that out right now, apparently (considering it's already Wednesday over there). [via Engadget]There's a Real Flying Car: While the future is all sorts of awesome, we've had fears about some things. One of them, sadly, are flying cars. But, our fears don't mean anything to the FAA, because they've just proved that anything can get approved if you put enough effort into it. In point of fact, they've just announced that there's a real flying car. And it's approved. Really. It costs $194,000, and the wings are detachable. And it's completely street legal. As for hours of flying training you need to get this up and running under your own pilot's license . . . We'll go ahead and say that if you see this on the street, it's time to get off the street. [via DVICE]