The Daily Slash: June 17th 2010

We're at the tail-end of the week, but that's not slowing us down. Welcome to tonight's edition of The Daily Slash. We're glad you could make it, as usual. Tonight, in the Best of R3 Media, we've got the Nexus One launching with Froyo, the Nintendo 3DS won't make it across the pond for awhile, and the iPhone 4's got some RAM under that hood. And then in the Dredge 'Net, Microsoft is promising a new mobile OS — kind of, there's already someone waiting for the iPhone 4, and there's even more doubt about the HP Slate.The Best of R3 MediaNexus One, with Froyo, Launches in Korea: While the rest of the world waits for an official release date for Android 2.2, affectionately called Froyo, it seems like those in Korea, with wireless coverage from KT Wireless, may not have to wait any longer. Because it looks like Google is set to launch the Nexus One with Froyo right from the start. Which hopefully means that the release is right around the corner for the other Nexus One owners out there. We can keep our fingers crossed, at least. [via Android Community]Nintendo 3DS Not Arriving in the UK Until 2011: You've got to hand it to senior executives at companies, they can just say whatever they want, whenever they want. Even if it's bad news. For example, thanks to a senior exec from Nintendo, it looks like the 3DS, the new 3D mobile gaming platform from Nintendo, won't be making it to the United Kingdom by the end of 2010. Apparently, it'll make an appearance in those parts some time in the beginning of 2011. So, 3D fans out there, start counting down the calendar! [via SlashGear]iPhone 4 Launching with 512MB of RAM: Truth be told, Apple's never very open about the internals of their hardware. At least, not when it comes to their mobile phones. Sure, they'll tell you how many gigabytes you've got, or the screen resolution, but if you want to know the RAM, you'll have to wait until someone starts tearing them apart. Not this time, though. There's confirmation out there that the new iPhone from Apple is going to have 512MB of RAM, which means double that of the iPad and iPhone 3GS. [via SlashPhone]The Dredge 'NetWindows Embedded Handheld is Windows Mobile 6.5: While Microsoft focuses on Windows Phone 7, there's still that lingering feeling that Windows Mobile isn't completely dead. And, sure enough, it looks like Microsoft feels the same way. So much so in fact, that they're launching Windows Embedded Handheld, which is built from Windows Mobile 6.5 technologies. They're doing this, in hopes that they can speak to enterprise customers, so that when they launch a new enterprise-based Windows Phone 7 later in the year, or maybe even in 2011, they'll be able to make the transition more comfortably. In the mean time though, Motorola's launching a Windows Embedded Handheld device later this year (odd, we know), but it doesn't quite yet have a price. [via Laptop Mag]Camper for iPhone 4 Already on Premises: Well, this may be the most ridiculous thing we've heard all day. Despite the fact that the iPhone 4 won't be out for another 7 days (by the time of this writing), there's already someone out there, ready and willing to get their hands on that Retina Display. Unfortunately, there's no word on where this is, but we're hoping it's not somewhere too populated. Sitting out there for that length of time probably means a lot of people will poke and prod him, and we wouldn't want that. [via Engadget]HP Slate: Windows 7 or Not? This is getting frustrating. When the HP Slate was debuted, it had Windows 7 on it. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, had his fun on a stage showing it off, saying that it was the slate of all slates (or tablets). Well, considering HP just bought Palm, the house that built webOS, there's some questions regarding the launch of the Slate, and what it means for its Operating System. On Thursday, speaking at the Untethered conference, Personal Systems Group CTO Phil McKinny said that using an existing OS on a new design, such as a tablet, means failure usually. In the same breath, he began talking up the goodness that is webOS. As for Windows 7? When asked directly about the future of it on the Slate, McKinny said that he couldn't elaborate on the subject until after the acquisition by HP was completed. Very, very curious, to say the least. [via Ubergizmo]