The Daily Slash: July 2nd 2010

By now, you're probably already well into your fourth of July celebration. If not, you're already behind the curve, so start celebrating your long weekend! Most of you probably don't have work on Monday, so go ahead and take the time to relax — you deserve it. We'll try and help you out tonight, in this edition of The Daily Slash. First up, in the Best of R3 Media, we've got some rumors about Android 2.2 and the original Droid, ColorWare wants to paint your new Xbox 360, and Verizon's been forced to fork out $21 million. And then in the Dredge 'Net, we've got a countertop that'll teach you things, a digital burial ground for the KIN, and some new information about Google Music.The Best of R3 MediaJuly 13th is Rumored Date for Froyo Update to Droid: Rumors are already starting to kick off about the future update for the original Droid. We know that it's coming some time in July, or at least that's what some documents have said and what Motorola's Sanjay Jha pretty much tossed out at the announcement for the Droid X. Thanks to some sources who are apparently familiar with the matter, they've been told that July 13th is the day of days. Yes, two days before the launch of the Droid X. Now we just have to hope that it doesn't get delayed as often as the 2.1 update did, or people may riot. [via Android Community]ColorWare Will Paint Your Xbox 360 S: When it comes to custom coloring, ColorWare knows what they're doing. You could call them professionals. And since they did enough paint jobs with the mobile gadgets, and even HDTVs, it looks like they're ready to pain the Xbox 360 S, too. You can either buy one from ColorWare with your customized choices for $500, or send yours in for $175. Not as expensive as some of their earlier paint jobs, but maybe still just a bit much for a paint job. [via SlashGear]Verizon Loses ETF Class-Action Lawsuit, Pays a Bunch: When ETFs were common (they still are), and they didn't fluctuate much in their whole pricing scheme, people weren't all that happy about it. So, of course, a class-action lawsuit came from it, and here we are today, after that was started in 2008, and Verizon's just now having to pay out to a few appeals that were floating around out there. Each person gets $87.50, which equals out to be $21 million when it all finishes up. Quite a lofty sum. [via PhoneMag]The Dredge 'NetCountertop of the Future Scans Food: Oh, and it will also tell you how to cook it. Yeah, that's right. This countertop reflects the same amount of tech and innovation as Microsoft's Surface, but it's entire job is to just scan food, tell you helpful hints and nutritional information. But, best of all, a pico projector will be used to actually tell you how to cook the food, too, depending on what you're trying to make. You can even use a virtual shopping list. [via DVICE]Deceased Microsoft KIN Gets a Website Graveyard: This is definitely one of the most interesting stories we heard all day. As I'm sure you know by now, the Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two have been axed by Microsoft. They're going to focus on Windows Phone 7, and apparently that means KIN has no place in this world. Well someone out there misses their device, because they put up a memorial site for the deceased device. 2010-2010. Such a short life, indeed! [via TechCrunch]Android 3.0 Will Launch Concurrently with Google Music: Google's plan for Google Music is all set up, and by now they're probably just getting ready to launch it. And, while there's not a whole lot of information to go on here, we can say that Google's very own project manager Gaurav Jain has confirmed that Android 3.0, better known as Gingerbread, will launch with Google Music by the end of this year. That's good news for all the folks who don't want to use iTunes anymore, especially if you get to use that brand new Operating System along with it. [via Gizmodo]