The Daily Slash: April 5th 2010

Welcome to the Daily Slash. If this is your first time 'round these parts, doubly welcome! We're happy to bring you the latest and greatest in the tech news every day, but some times we can't fit it all in the normal flow of the work day. So, here's our friendly wrap-up, where we even manage to wrap it up in a bow tie (if you wish hard enough). Tonight, we've got The Best of R3 Media to start off the night (a brand new feature that we're adding to the Daily Slash from here on out). And then, as we jump into the meat and bones, we'll take a look at a website that makes picking your seats for your next Major League Baseball game so much easier. Next, a jacket that's made for your iPad, a car of the future, and we finally have some good news for the company that brought us webOS. So, let's get crackin'.The Best of R3 Media:Has the LG Aloha (Finally) Been Photographed? The LG Aloha is supposedly LG's first high-end Android-based device. It's got a 1GHz Snapdragon processor under the hood, Android 2.1, and a 3.5-inch AMOLED display. LG's also got a fancy for the slide-out physical QWERTY keyboards, and they've included that in the package as well. The only trouble is, the images captured of this device match a model number LU2300, and the Aloha's is supposedly C710. There's some confusion abound, but we'll hopefully get some straight answers soon. Either way, LG definitely needs a high end device rocking Google's little green 'droid. [via Android Community]HTC Hero (Finally) Getting Android 2.1: It seems that with some (maybe most?) of the best Android devices out there, waiting for the update is half the battle. In the case of the HTC Hero, and all of its variations around the globe, faithful owners of the flagship HTC Sense device have been patiently sitting on Android 1.5 since its debut last July. HTC has been pretty tight-lipped over the last few months, but since last December, there's been plenty of rumors. Now though, it seems that a lucky HTC Club member received an email directly from HTC, saying that roll-outs of the upgraded mobile Operating System will begin April 19th, and then fan out across the world in a progressive way. Good news for Hero owners, that's for sure. [via SlashPhone]iPhone the Choice of Owners On the Move: It looks like Apple knew what they were doing when they sent out the iPad on a Saturday. From a recent report, which was taken over the launch weekend and extended into Monday, it seems that people loved to browse the web on their new Apple tablets, but as soon as the work week started up, they left them at home, and took to their fall-back: the iPhone. The door swings both ways on this one: for most, it makes perfect sense to leave the iPad at home, and bring the iPhone with you to work, or whatever it is you're doing during the day. After all, it's thin and light, but not able to fit in your pocket. On the other side of the door, you have Steve Jobs who wants you to take it everywhere. Maybe that will all change when the 3G model hits customer's hands, eh? [via Everything iPad]The Dredge Net:Seats 3D Wants You to Look at Your Seats Before You Get There: If you're a major fan of the MLB, then this service probably won't do much for you. After all, you've probably been to your local stadium a few times, and even have your favorite section. But, for the rest of the people out there, or if you're visiting a new venue, then this might be just what you've always wanted. Even if you didn't know it. A new site, Seats 3D, wants to make it possible for you to find your seat's position in a 3D, rotating image. That way, you can see the field from your seat, well before you get into that seat. The only trouble is that only 9 stadiums are compatible with the service right now, but it sounds like they're planning to add more soon. [via DVICE]Jacket Made With a Pocket That Carries Your iPad: Sure, there's plenty of accessories out there that can carry your iPad. Most of them are made specifically for that job. But, what if you're not a fan of an extra thing to carry, or hang on your shoulder? Then this travel vest, made by Scottevest, which has an in-line pocket perfectly sized for your shiny, new Apple tablet is perfect for you. It will be available July 1st, and will only cost your $100. That's a steal, right? [via Engadget]The Land Glider From Nissan Looks Ridiculously Awesome: We're not going to say that we'd want one of these things (...), but we have to admit, it does look like someone stepped into the future and brought it back with them. The vehicle is pictured above, and as you can see, it's leaning, and we think that's just about fantastic. Nissan is designing the electric motor-powered vehicle for people who just want to get across town, and, well, don't want to walk. It's got a top speed of 62 miles per hour, but we can guarantee you're not going to go that fast. Nissan is also touting that the car (or whatever you want to call it) also has zero emissions, too. [via CrunchGear]Palm Drops Modernista From Developing New Ads: There's no denying that the early advertisements for the Palm Pre were completely out of this world. Watching as several hundred orange-robed individuals did some strange movements, and some even creepier lady talking about what your phone could do just wasn't good product placement. Truth be told, it was down-right frightening. Sure, the Palm Pixi commercial was better, and the very latest Palm Pre Plus (for Verizon Wireless) commercial wasn't that bad at all. But, those early promos were just too much to handle. And, while the advertisement agency said early on that people knew the Palm existed because of the strange commercials, it didn't do much for the whole buying of the devices. [via Everything Pre]