The Daily Slash: April 2nd 2010

It's the night before the iPad officially hits store shelves — actually, we'll correct that. It's the night before the iPad immediately sells out, and doesn't see store shelves, and we imagine that many of you out there are probably reading this post from a line in front of an Apple Store. Patiently waiting for those doors to open bright and early, so you can run home and play with your new gadget. Or you're not. Either case, we're glad you could join us here for another edition of the Daily Slash. Tonight, we've got some update goodness for Windows Mobile 6.5.3. There's a big announcement for TweetDeck, too. Some of the biggest games for the PlayStation 3 are getting a big update. If you're sick of your iPhone and are looking for something bigger, T-Mobile USA has a plan for you. And finally, it looks like the iPad developer story can be put to rest.Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 Gets Windows Mobile 6.5.3: Despite the fact that Microsoft has decided to give Windows Phone 7 a name change, we're glad to see that the older devices out there aren't being forgotten. Especially not devices like the Xperia X2 from Sony Ericsson. It looks like today marks the release date for Windows Mobile 6.5.3, and users should be able to download the update without much of an issue. If you're willing to flash the device, that is. [via WMPoweruser]TweetDeck Adds BlackBerry and Android to Mobile List: The iPhone has been loving the TweetDeck Twitter application for quite some time now, but for some reason the robust client hasn't found its way to the other mobile Operating Systems. Until now. At least, as far as announcements are concerned. The company didn't unveil a particular time frame, unfortunately, so it could be anywhere from now, until they decide to release it. Along with bringing the client to Android devices and BlackBerry handsets, the TweetDeck desktop client is getting a very large update as well. We're excited to see what that means. [via @TweetDeck]Several PlayStation 3 Titles Getting Upgraded to 3D: Are you excited to play 3D games? We hope so. Because if you own a PlayStation 3, it looks like Sony is going to try and make you play them. At least, they're going to give you a few gentle shoves in the right direction, anyway. According to the latest episode of Qore, Killzone 2, Gran  Turismo 5, Little Big Planet, WipeOut HD Fury, and Super Stardust HD, are all getting upgraded to 3D some time around June. We're under the impression that you're going to have to buy the upgraded games, whether or not you already own them, because that's just the way it goes. Oh, and they'll probably need to make up some of the cost, too. [via Pocket-Lint]Want an HD2? Trade in your iPhone!: That's right, it looks like select T-Mobile USA locations, along with 1-800-TMOBILE, and a few Business Direct Sales Representatives out there are willing to make a big trade in for your currently owned iPhone. If you're willing to part ways with the Cupertino-based handset, you can earn up to $350 in monies towards your new HTC HD2. Of course, you'll have to hope that the store has one, considering these things are selling like hot cakes, but if you're willing to trade in your iPhone for the juggernaut of Windows Mobile, you can probably wait a little bit longer, right? [via Tmo News]iPad Development Support is Growing Faster Than Android and BlackBerry: There's been some definite confusion about whether or not the iPad is bringing in more developers, or pushing them away to other platforms. But, considering the device, and the opportunities it implies for developers, we find it hard to believe that developer support is waning in the least. Flurry is saying that iPad support is growing continuously, and it's not dying off any time soon. At the launch of the iPad App Store, some 2,000 applications were available (which is well past the 1,000 Apple wanted to have), and we'd have to agree with the unsaid statement: development is booming. [via Mac Daily News]