Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series Now Called Windows Phone 7

Well, all good things must come to an end, right? Looks like Microsoft has decided, in an executive decision kind of way, to drop "Series" from the Windows Phone 7 title. We can't say that we're necessarily breathing a sigh of relief, but it will definitely be easier to say, you know? Plus, Windows Phone 7 is more in line with the Windows 7 idea of their recent Operating System releases. It's good to stay in sync.

The announcement just came from Microsoft's Windows Phone Twitter client (@WindowsPhone). According to the tweet:

Tis the season for Series finales. We've got one too — dropping the 'Series' and keeping 'Windows Phone 7.' Done.

So, there you have it. The Series is gone, and we're left wondering where it went. Or, perhaps more accurately, why Microsoft decided to drop it off. Perhaps just for ease, or maybe that similarity to their other platforms was just too good to pass up. We'll bring you more coverage of the name change as soon as we find out any additional details, so keep an eye out for the [update].

[via Twitter]