The Cyber Clean cleans out your keyboard

Abby McVay - Jul 22, 2008

We’ve all heard that our keyboards are probably one of the most disgusting germ infested items we come across on a regular basis.  However, there are still a great many of us who either don’t do a lot about it or just don’t know how to go about cleaning off all of the gunk.

This cleaning device, called Cyber Clean, is meant to pick up all the dingy little crumbs and bits that get onto your keyboard.  Especially for those of us with longer hair, whose hair tends to fall down into the keyboard along with yesterday’s lunch crumbs.

This squishy little guy sinks down into all of the crevices and cleans them out.  It will also work on other devices like cameras and the keypads on your other gadgets.  It is currently being sold for £7.95 or for about $16.

[via techdigest]

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